Rune Course: Peorth – The Gambler’s Cup

Written by @starwheelastro

My name is Michael Conneely and you are welcome to enroll on my worldwide Rune learning course.
The Runes are secret occult knowledge gained by the magnificent warrior magician God, Odin.
On my course, we study them by listening to presentations, doing journeys to contact the meaning of the Rune and also to understand how that particular rune energy is manifesting in our particular life. We do Rune Stance and also Rune Chant (Galdr).
All my courses are linked to healing modalities, because the aim is not just to learn the material, but also to embody the learning, heal if necessary, transform if necessary.
Here is an extract from a superb piece of work by Frank, one of my Rune students….READ MORE

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