Rahu – Moon dasa is tough!

Written by Michael Conneely

My Rahu – Moon – Ketu Dasa (Vedic Predictive Period) was such catastrophic and difficult enlightenment for me, essentially feeling my adoptive mother betrayed me, and realising my shreds of (adoptive) family are malign or harmful, and facing the question what do you do about this?
I am now in the next Dasa: Rahu-Moon-Venus. Could I be forgiven for saying that I will not be sad when Rahu – Moon ends on 31st October????
My partner, Maggie’s Rahu – Moon Dasa ends 3.1.2016.
Her Rahu – Moon – Ketu Dasa is 6/8 to 7/9
She can do it!!!!
The planetary energies arriving to us are ever-changing. Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury moved into Punarvasu nakshatra yesterday.

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