Rune Course: Peorth – The Gambler’s Cup

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My name is Michael Conneely and you are welcome to enroll on my worldwide Rune learning course.
The Runes are secret occult knowledge gained by the magnificent warrior magician God, Odin.
On my course, we study them by listening to presentations, doing journeys to contact the meaning of the Rune and also to understand how that particular rune energy is manifesting in our particular life. We do Rune Stance and also Rune Chant (Galdr).
All my courses are linked to healing modalities, because the aim is not just to learn the material, but also to embody the learning, heal if necessary, transform if necessary.
Here is an extract from a superb piece of work by Frank, one of my Rune students….READ MORE

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What will the transit of Jupiter from July 2015 to August 2016 mean for you???

Jupiter enters the Vedic sign of Leo on 14th July 2015, remaining there until 11th August 2016.
Jupiter and the Sun are friends, so this transit will be potent and benefic. Look what House Leo is in your Vedic birth chart.
Vedic Leo is my 2nd House, so I can expect expansion of income; expansion also of all the other things the 2nd House rules, like communication.
Contact me for an astrology reading to find out what will happen for you during Jupiter’s transit through Leo. By the way, in Western astrology: this is 24 Western Leo to 24 western Virgo.
AND do ALSO note that there is a very special and potentially challenging facet of Jupiter’s transit through the Vedic sign of Leo.

vedic and western astrology

July 2015 Monthly Astrology Prediction by Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely
My name is Michael Conneely and I offer Astrology Readings and Courses that uniquely combine Western Astrology with Vedic Astrology.
My readings and courses also apply the wonderful perception of astrology: Perception can lead to healing and empowerment techniques.
My astrology readings website is and my astrology courses websites are and
And if you want to know the planets’ positions in July 2015 in both western and Vedic Astrology, go to the ephemeris tables in my Master Vedic Astrology Course website: this way you can see how the planets in the heavens now are relating to the planets in your birth chart.
Overall, I feel July 2015 will bring us all to be open to huge change!

vedic and western astrology

Vedic Astrology – The Astrology of India

The Vedic Hindu Astrology originated in India. Many ancient texts and Vedas, some as old as 3000 BC still survive. Their interpretations as well as thousands of books written by modern Astrologers are available today for the serious students of Astrology. Jyotish – as Vedic Astrology is know in India – is the science of light. To light a candle in the darkness within us, to guide us towards our true direction.

Astrology is taken very seriously in India. People would seldom take an important step in their life without consulting their family Jyotishi (practitioner of Astrology.)

Vedic Astrology is a path of self knowledge and harmonizing our material and spiritual sides. By studying the configuration of the planets at the time you were born enables an astrologer to understand the map of your life and the set of tools you have been given to enact the drama of your life to its fullest capacity. You face problems as well as periods of good luck. No one person has constant periods of good or bad luck. The cycles of time touch our lives in their own unique way. An astrology reading gives you the power to understand yourself, the strength to deal with the obstacles and enjoy the good fortune.

We are all aware of the importance of the Sun in our Zodiac chart. In the Vedic Astrology, Moon is of the prime importance. It has the ability to rule our emotions, intellect and material life on earth. The waxing and waning phases of the Moon represent the cycles of life and death, transformation and change, darkness and light. The Sun signifies the soul as well as life’s mission, our Karma of this life. Great importance is given to Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the Moon which pinpoint the overall karma of the soul.

In India astrological charts of two people are compared before any marriage is arranged. There are strict guidelines laid down in Vedic Texts about synastary. We do have arranged marriages here, but by examining the points of contacts to know the pluses and minuses which can face a relationship, it allows us to improve the quality of the relationship. This invaluable guidance helps us in making valued judgments regarding our personal lives.

The main diagnostic tool used by Vedic Astrologers is Mahurata, electing of the auspicious times for various events. A Mahurata is a moment in time when the conditions are as near perfect for the start of your venture. This way you are giving this venture the best possible chance to survive. The Mahurata chart can never override the signification of the Natal chart. marriage is the most important of the Mahuratas to be elected. Start of businesses, moving homes, and traveling are other events for which elections charts are done regularly.

by Komilla Sutton

Evolutionary Astrology: our past life – and our incarnational life purpose this time

Written by Michael Conneely

In this post I take the example of a planet which squares the Nodal axis in our birth chart.
Take the case of Venus Square the Nodes of the Moon in your birth chart. On a mundane level: You have a great need for close, loving relationships. In some way or other, you’ll be attracted to almost everyone you meet, and will attempt to form a special bond with them. Your rather democratic approach to friendship and lovemaking, however, may make people who want an exclusive relationship with you quite nervous. Jealousy and bickering can result if you’re judged to be unreliable, inconsistent or overly flirtatious.
Read more of this enlightened astrology post…

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Jupiter conjunct Venus AND Jupiter trine Uranus, June to August 2015


Firstly, there’s a beautiful conjunction between Venus and Jupiter that is visible in the evening sky.
It’s close from the end of June.
And because Venus is slowing down, and it will be turning retrograde on July 25th, these two benefic planets will actually be transiting together for the next 5-6 weeks.
This can be a hopeful time where your wishes may begin to formulate – and lead to progress and manifestation from then and over the next 6 months to a year.
There is a Jupiter trine Uranus aspect in the heavens from 22nd June 2015.


It lasts into very early August 2015. Be open to receiving something surprising or unexpected (Uranus) happening in an even bigger (Jupiter) way than you might expect.

vedic and western astrology